Courses on offer at College Drive School of Motoring









Aims and Objectives





30 Hours 5 day


Suitable for people with very little or no experience – the complete novice.


This course usually starts on a Monday,( you arrive on Sunday). It is ideal for those who wish to learn in a short time.  It involves in-car training on a one pupil to one instructor basis, and home study of driving skills video. Computer based work is also available and advised.

This course is designed to take a pupil through the learning driving syllabus in just one week and will eliminate the frustrating hour long weekly lessons that seem to go on forever. The course is professionally structured, and not just a collection of individual lessons crammed in one week. Learner drivers are offered the same instructor for the duration of the course and the trainer is sensitive to the individual learner needs and learning styles. This course also covers the mandatory twelve EDT lessons as specified by the RSA. 

This course can also be taken over 2 weekends.


15 hours 3 day


15 hours of individual one to one tuition taken over  3 days. This course is for you to perfect your skills in prepartion for your driving test. The instructor will assess your suitability for taking your driving test and give constructive advice on how to proceed.





Day 1

Your instructor for the course will meet you your accommmodation and take you to a quiet place to start from. What we do next depends on your course duration and standard of driving but usually after approx two hours of driving you will have  a break for fresh air and an opportunity to get yourself some light refereshments. After approx 30 mins you will meet up with your instructor again to continue your learning and practice your driving skills. You will have  a break for lunch where you can stretch your legs, you will then do some more tuition and at the end of the day your instructor will drop you off at the accommodation.

Day 2 onwards

After a good nights sleep  your instructor will collect you from the accommodation and return you daily until the final day.

Final Day

Your instructor will collect you from the accommodation and after your tuition and written feedback, you will be taken back to the station or place of your choice locally ready for your return journey home.