EDT Training

The RSA ( Road Safety Authority) know that learners become better and safer drivers when their learning is planned and structured. With this in mind they have created a 12 hour Essential Driver Training (EDT) course.

If your first category B learner permit is dated on or after April 4 2011, you must take the EDT course.

EDT will help you learn some of the most vital driving skills as well as imprive your knowledge and understanding of road safety. The RSA have developed this course from the Learner Driver Training syllabus which covers all of the skills and behaviours that a competent driver needs to have.

You must complete the EDT course before you can take your driving test. On the day of the test, your tester may ask to see your Logbook as evidence.

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Before you take an intensive driving course with COLLEGE DRIVE you must have a valid learner permit.


Advanced Driving Here at COLLEGE DRIVE we can prepare you to take the RoSPA Advanced Driving Test. Ronan has taken that test and gained the highest award posible a Gold grading. Call today to see how we can help you get your grading and improve your driving skills.



Westport is a beautiful place to visit at any time and while you are here larning to drive there are lots of facilities for you to visit to help you unwind.